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    The age of modern science is being increasingly characterized by the ability of researchers to have access to data and, within a broader context, by the creation of a sense of shared knowledge. Shared resources, such as data banks and literature, today represent the basis of the concept of the research work as much as experimental accuracy and substantial theoretical foundation...






  • BIL gate: A step toward a biological computer

    Scientists at Stanford University presented the remarkable production of genetic devices that work like a biological computer.

    The results, published on "Science" (28 March 2013), present the development of innovative genetic transistors that can be induced into biological cells and switched on/off in certain circumstances.


       AllBioinformatics (AB) was founded in 2012 by a spin-off of industrial researchers to be a network of computational biology scientists. We dealing biological and IT environments with the aim to shaping Bio-ICT solution for new Industrial application format

From the idea to the start of the Bio-ICT project: That's what we do best

AB activities are focused on Bioinformatics and ICT solutions tackling companies to create and manage their Bio-ICT project. We implement Bio-ICT, IT-Mobile and Touchless technology to provide innovative services & solution for Life Sciences such as e.g. medical device software, Pharmaceutical and Agrifood markets. By corporate alliances, partnerships or EU funds, we work in a place hosting collaborations to scout, identify, develop or assess feasibility of emerging business opportunities for an early market positioning. We are also largely open to memberships and world-wide collaborations to develop emerging Bio-ICT project across all industrial research levels.

Bio-ICT solutions and services: in support of our clients in the public and private sectors, AB provides scientific and professional solution across Bio-ICT project life cycle. We are staffed with highly trained scientists, IT experts, and other technicians, and we have the knowhow to hire additional experts quickly to meet your Bio-ICT or bioinformatics research needs.. Read more

Post your science fearlessMyPost is a new networking tool based on scientific authority called peer-moderator and an ethical code to be in communication (ECC) that all users must accept. Read more

Regard professionalize: create, improve and establish your scientific professionalism.

About working: create your own scientific network and share your scientific document as MyPost, upcoming Events and Job opportunity.

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